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AMC Policy

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The trust of our customers has made Videocon a leading brand in consumer electronics and home appliances. We leave no stone unturned to live up to that trust. All our efforts are centred around the customer needs and we work hard to deliver beyond expectations. Our trained service engineers offer fast and reliable servicing for all functional parts of your Videocon appliances. Attractive discounts are available on multi-product AMC. For queries, call us at 39404040 between 8 AM and 10 PM.

Conditions to avail AMC for products -

Effective from 23-Apr-2013

  1. AMC can be taken upto 5 years from the date of manufacturing but manufacturing year should not be before 2009. For LCD & LED please read carefully item no. 6.

  2. Manufacturing year can be easily decoded from set sl. no. For example - 210912260112012345

    Digit no 3rd & 4th Represents month of manufacturing 09 - September

    Digit no 5th & 6th Represents year of manufacturing 12 - 2012

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S.No Category Product Tenure
( In years )
AMC Price
( In Rs. )
Plan Name
1. Colour Television Except 21"US Non Pin Free Models (chassis digit is "A", "B", "D", "I" or "H")
CTV-14" (Conventional model & ultra slim only) except Nano 1CST models 1 600 HCP1
2. Washing Machine Except 21"US Non Pin Free Models (chassis digit is "A", "B", "D", "I" or "H")
SAWM 1 750 HCP6
FAWM (Top Load) 1 1200 HCP7
3. Refrigerator Except Model start with -V71WFT,V67WFT,V61WFT,V61WFTI5, V58WFT,V50WFT,VPP60ZPS-FSC,VPL60ZPS-FSC,VPS65ZLM-FSC
DC DC(Upto 200L) 1 750 HCP9
DC(>200L) 1 1000 HCP32
FF DC(Upto 200L) 1 750 HCP9
FF(Upto 300L) 1 950 HCP10
FF >300L to 400L 1 1700 HCP11
FF >400L to 500L 1 2600 HCP12
4. Air Conditioner Except CBU, Obselete & model produced before 2009
Window AC 1 2000 HCP16
Split Air Conditioner 1 2750 HCP17
5. Microwave Except Obselete model & CBU.
Convection Microwave 1 1600 HCP22
Grill Microwave 1 1250 HCP23
Solo Microwave 1 1100 HCP24
6. LCD TV Except Models which did not fall in below category
LCD TV 19" ~ 22" (Applicable for FIM models Only) 1 2500 HCP25
LCD TV 32" (Applicable for FIM Models Only) 1 3500 HCP27
  LED TV Applicable Models
LED TV 19" 1 3000 HCP44
LED TV 32" (Models launched 2010 and after) 1 4000 HCP39
LED TV 42" (Models launched 2010 and after) 1 5200 HCP40
7. Cooler Cooler 1 850 HCP29

Multiple Products Discounts

Condition AMC is taken within 1 month purchase AMC is taken simultaneously for 2 products or for 2 years irrespective of warranty. AMC is taken simultaneously for 3 or >3 products or for 3 or >3 years irrespective of warranty.
Discount 15% 15% 20%
  1. The discount amount is to be calculated on basic AMC amount.
  2. Only one scheme is applicable during one transaction. The discounts offered cannot be clubbed together.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The prices are subject to changes
  2. All prices are exclusive of all taxes
  3. Service tax will be charged as per the rates applicable, decided by the Govt . of India
  4. If the product is presently not covered under warranty/ AMC , then AMC will start after 30 days of entering into this contract